Gone wwoofing in Italy.

Back in a coupla weeks.

Take it easy y’all 🙂



3 Responses to “”

  1. leavergirl Says:

    Ooh… anywhere near Torri Superiore?

  2. christine Says:


    I just found this fellow, not sure if you’re familiar with him, Arthur Haines, you can just look him up on youtube. Excellent foraging videos.

    Still wwoofing?

  3. Ian M Says:

    Sorry LG – I did hear about them while doing my research (you have a connection there?) but was looking for places nr. Florence where the gf was doing a language course. More info, incl. pics, to follow!

    @C – Haines … rings a bell somewhere. Will check him out! I’ve been watching some of the videos you recommended of the ‘Skeeter’ guy – v. impressed at all the weeds (ahem, sorry: ‘cash crops’) he’s found a market for wherever it is he lives. I’ve been back since the start of April. Silent because getting my shit together after coming back to this strange, strange country, plus coming to terms with having a regular(ish) job for a garden maintenance company. It all feels very disconcerting…


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