Straight from the Source

via SchNEWS, something about this story made me really happy:

After being cut off for not paying his bills, one man in Saxony decided to cut out the middle man and get his energy straight from the source.

Rather than just attaching a magnet to the meter, or jumping the leccy from next door like anyone else, he stuck a meat hook on the end of a cable and slung it over a nearby power line, drawing the power straight into his house.

It’s not clear how long our hero had been getting away with it- or what state his household appliances are in. One employee of the local power company described the stunt as ‘insanely dangerous’.

We see this in films all the time – an attitude of “To hell with the naysayers, I’m going to do this my way and we’ll just see about the consequences”; the hero pursuing his (yes, it’s usually a he) own goals with singleminded self-direction. Funnily, or perhaps unsurprisingly* enough this almost never happens in real life. Why not?


* – a social role of films: to give a ‘safe’ outlet for fantasies which people are forbidden to act out in their everyday lives; to give audiences a vicarious taste of what it’s like to be a real human being before they go back to routines that systematically suppress those same possibilities in themselves.



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